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    -  The value of the backup generator

Its's Humidifier Season! 


 Heal Dry, Cracked, Itchy Skin, Prevent Dry Sinuses, Avoid painful damaging 

 static shocks and deter cracks in woodwork.

 For residential - whole house solutions humidifiers and dehumidifiers can
 provide the indoor air quality solutions to manage some of these very concerns. 

 UV Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners are just a few of the solutions that can also be  an option. 

 A good whole-house humidifier works with the heating system to ensure  quality air with precise controls. A consultation with your 

 The Future of Automation


 Various kinds of automation are presently being marketed today to control  energy use through lighting, blinds, and heat controls. When planning your  energy control you might want to consider the incorporation of some of these

 valuable  techniques as one solution rather than isolated elements. 

 An example as opposed to treating lighting and blinds as separate elements
 from HVAC control, the market is not fully integrating these components into  total automation  The high performance, energy savings and increased 

 assurance of comfort are  well worth the value.  

  One solution in particular would be creating zones for your heating.    Connected to your automation system this would allow you to control  temperatures at different times of the day as well as in the parts of the    environment where you are most active or the sun is not available.

 But more importantly this is an amazing technology that is taking off with

 many possibilities for the home owner or the business owner to invest in 

 technology that can be a real solution to comfort and cost savings.  

 When considering replacements or upgrades you should invite your HVAC 

 representative to work with you to identify the plan for you.  Today's  technology offers communicating systems with as many as six zones that are  intuitive, easy to navigate with touchscreen displays, fully programmable and  adjust for maximum performance and energy efficiency.



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