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Why you should consider a back up generator:

Extended power outages can impact your checkbook in many ways:

  • Lost refrigerated and frozen goods. The USDA recommends throwing away refrigerated foods stored for more than two hours at over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, because refrigerators and freezers can't stay cold without electricity. For a family with a full-stocked freezer and fridge, that means a loss of at least $200 in tossed food.
  • Damage to your home. Without power, sump pumps can't run, putting homes at risk for flooding, and fans and dehumidifiers can't operate to help dry out a wet basement. A power outage during a severe storm can destroy basements and pose significant hazards to homeowners. Basic costs to pump out and thoroughly dry a basement lightly flooded with clean water can start between $500-$1,500 and increase to $2,000-$10,000But a flooded basement can be prevented, even during the most severe storms, with a home backup generator.
  • Expenses from staying at a hotel or eating out. If you don't have heat or running water, you might have to move the family into a hotel for a night or two. Add restaurant tabs to that and you've lost another couple hundred dollars.
  • Additional costs for short-term goods. If you choose to remain in your home, you will need to invest in batteries for radios and flashlights, coolers to store food, and ice to keep that food cold. Incidental costs can range from $200 to $500.
  • Loss of income. Depending upon the impact on your home and family, you might have to spend a few days away from work. If you work from home, you stand to potentially lose your entire income during a power outage.

  Outdoor Living


  Don't just cook in the kitchen, try using a gas grill or fireplace outside.  

  Cooking outside with gas grills and or fire places allow you enjoy the   
  convenience of indoors outdoors right on your patio.  On chilly nights you can

  invite everyone to join.    

   Family, friends, neighbors, and even the day’s hosts are guaranteed to
   appreciate the fine comfort and style of these conveniences. Whether it is 

  horsd’oeuvres or fully prepared dinner of steak, and grilled vegetables in 

  can be easily prepared in a sleek, fully equipped outdoor kitchen while

  effortlessly entertaining guests. 


 Gas Grill


    According to Consumer reports gas grills tests indicate that it isn't necessary     to spend a great deal to enjoy the comfort of easy living in your backyard in      fact their tests "show that a higher price tag doesn't guarantee better grilling.      Many lower-priced gas grills have at least some stainless trim, along with side      burners and other perks once found only on the priciest gas grills."

       (follow our link to consumer reports for more..)